Moorestown WTP Upgrade
Moorestown WTP Upgrade
April 30, 2014
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Duva Field
Paterson Avenue, Little Falls
Passaic County, NJ

The project includes the design, permitting and construction management for the conversion of grass fields to synthetic turf in Duva Field, located off of Patterson Avenue (C.R. 639), situated in the Township of Little Falls, Passaic County, NJ. Based on tax maps, the site is referenced as Lot 1 of Block 218.

There grassed portion of Duva Field contain two (2) ball fields and an open space  area used for soccer and football. Other amenities include tennis courts and a playground. Pickleball courts and a storage building will be added prior  to the turf project.

There are no wetlands on or adjacent to the site based on the NJ-Geoweb Map Viewer. A review of New Jersey Department of Environmental Agency (FEMA) flood mapping indicate the project area is not located within a flood hazard area. Therefore, no NJDEP permitting is required for the construction of this project.

All grass areas are to be converted to synthetic turf. This represents and area of approximately 4.2 acres. As a result of the area of disturbance exceeding one (1) acre, the project will be subject to the Stormwater Management Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:8) requiring reduction of peak stormwater flows.

The proposed synthetic turf field will have an underground drainage collection system to handle the rapid permeability rate of synthetic turf (approx. 30-40 inches per hour). An underground detention basin will have to be implemented to handle and control the rapid influx of stormwater. Stone will be used to create the underground detention basin. The underground system will discharge to an existing 24" storm pipe on the eastern side of the site that exits the site through a drainage easement. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Web Soil Survey indicates that the depth to groundwater is greater than 6.5', therefore the underground detention basin will have adequate separation from groundwater.


Duva Field
Paterson Avenue
Little Fall, Passaic County, NJ



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